50+ languages
2000+ language pairs.
5,000+ Professional Translators/Interpreters
80+ different countries.

Tip (Translation and Interpreting Professionals) specializes in providing business translations and interpreting services in different fields including fashion, design, legal, financial, technical, medical, IT and software, marketing and more. We are considered one of the fastest professional translation services in Italy. Once a translator starts working on the translation, you immediately know when it will be ready. Our Professional interpreters can reduce liability, help ensure appropriate utilization, and increase client adherence and satisfaction with services. Our trained interpreters help to assure effective communication between the client and provider, support effective use of time during the encounter, and improve outcomes.

Client satisfaction has always been our principal goal!
We believe that if the client wants it, it can be done.

The 5 pillars of our client service philosophy are:

  • Partnership – We develop strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients based on establishing trust and open and honest communication.

  • Commitment – Our team of qualified project managers and translators is committed and dedicated to fulfilling our client’s needs and goals.

  • Convenience – TIP srl’s processes are designed so that requesting quotes, submitting documents and receiving completed translations is fast and easy.
    We offer 24/7 service via our client portal and our project and account managers are always-available to address client questions and concerns.

  • Quality – Our commitment to translation quality and best practices in the industry spans every stage of the project lifecycle, from initial request through on-time delivery.

  • Value – We provide our clients with competitive rates and always strive to lower our clients’ translation costs whenever possible.

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