Key Benefits

High quality human translations and interpreting services 

We carefully screen and monitor our translators and interpreters. Translation projects are reviewed manually and automatically and we provide additional proofreading when needed.

At Tip every enterprise translation project is examined by at least by 2 professionals before being sent to the customer. You may purchase additional proofreading. (Recommended for printed material, websites, applications and marketing content.)

Interpreters study interpreting topics before hand to be up-to-date on the topics treated. Interpreters are pleased to receive informative material, presentations etc. from enterprises, but if this is not possible, interpreters carry out their own research.

Professional Translators and Interpreters 

It all starts with recruiting professional translators and interpreters only. Interpreters are travellers, but most translators live “in country”, e.g. English > Chinese translators live in China.


Why are we faster than others? 
Tip (Translation and Interpreting Professionals) has streamlined the entire professional translation process, eliminating all delays. Translation starts within one business hour in the country where the translator lives.  We can split a project between several translators, working in parallel for faster delivery. Human translation speed is in average 200 words an hour, 2000 words a day per translator. We are committed to deadlines.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We follow strict security guidelines to ensure that your privacy is protected. Every document is treated with the highest confidentiality, and translators are required to sign an NDA prior to working on a project.

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