Tip for Working Effectively Through an Interpreter

Introduce yourself to the interpreter.
Determine the interpreter’s level of proficiency and professional training and request that the interpreter interpret everything into the first person (to avoid “he said, she said”).
Acknowledge the interpreter as a professional in communication. Respect his or her role.
Speak more slowly rather than more loudly.
For consecutive interpreting services  speak at an even pace in relatively short segments. Pause so the interpreter can interpret. Assume, and insist, that everything you say is interpreted.
Do not hold the interpreter responsible for what is said or not said. The interpreter is the medium, not the source, of the message. If you feel that you are not getting the type of response you were expecting, restate the question or consult with the interpreter to better understand if there is a cultural barrier that is interfering with communication. Be aware that many concepts you express have no linguistic or conceptual equivalent in other languages. This may take longer than your original speech. Remember that the information will remain confidential.
Avoid: Highly idiomatic speech, complicated sentence structure, sentence fragments, changing your idea in the middle of a sentence, and asking multiple questions at one time. Also avoid making assumptions or generalizations
Be patient. Providing care across a language barrier takes time. However, the time spent up front will be paid back by good and clear communication that will avoid wasted time and dangerous misunderstandings.
Allow time for a pre-session with the interpreter.

Tip to get a cheaper translation

Our prices are cheap, but if you help us, your translation could cost even less.
Group all the documents to be translated. Avoid translating 50 words today and 100 tomorrow…translate everything you have to translate and the price will be lower.
Discount starting from 10,000 words.
Try to send us the originals in Italian, English or Spanish. Avoid cross-translation (eg from French to German): they are more expensive and the delivery time is longer.
Make sure the originals are editable. We translate scanned documents, images, Illustrator files, etc. However it is cheaper to translate Word or Excel documents.
Avoid urgent translations. If you really need it faster, we can translate it urgently but the translation will cost 30% more.
Normal documents vs. Diplomas, certificates, etc…If you need to submit them to a public administration you probably need a certified translation. Certified translations cost more or less 30% more.

Tip to Learn a foreign language

The beginning is the most exciting part. Decide what you want to get out of the language, find a way to make it fun.
Conversation, Conversation, Conversation; hours and hours of conversation with people better than you in the language. An hour of conversation is as good as five hours in a classroom.
Keep practicing in your head, you can practice while going about your day and not talking to anyone.
You’re going to say a lot of awkward things. Accept it. Um, yeah… It’s going to happen. Trust me.
One-on-one tutoring is the best and most efficient use of time.
Follow your interests TV shows, movies, newspapers and magazines are a good supplement. 
Be consistent.

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