Some documents and interpreting services require industry-specific knowledge and ‘jargon’.
A general understanding of a language isn’t enough.

To ensure both the language and industry specific terminology is correct, you need a professional translator/ interpreter who is also a professional in the field. Our team of Translators and Interpreters all have a specific expertise and relevant background o handle projects that require a deep understanding of the subject matter.

The 10 expertise departments

  • Fashion and Design
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • IT and Software
  • Mobile and Video games
  • Marketing, Advertising and Publishing
  • Tourism
  • Medical
  • Curriculum Vitae
Fashion and Design

Companies operating in fashion and design industries can rely on Tip, our exclusive translation and interpreting services are crucial to communicating the value and creativity into various languages during fashion shows, trade shows, workshops and events. With many years of experience, we are the partner of choice of some of the most famous Italian fashion and luxury brands that are exporting the “Made in Italy” worldwide.


Attorneys, legal departments of corporations, law firms and paralegals – are using Tip for their legal translation needs. When legal actions stretch across countries the speed with which you can prepare documents and review data can make the difference between being ready for court appearances, depositions, and other situations – or losing your case. That’s where professional legal translation services comes into play.


Our translators work 24×7 to produce expert business and economy translations fast enough to keep up with the extremely dynamic global economy. Business and economy translation services enables your business to appropriately function and operate in the world economy. Becoming an international player in your industry has endless benefits including access to foreign investors, new customers and lower priced materials.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Technical translations require precision and reliability. Tip professional technical translators are familiar with the terminology used in a specific industry.

IT & Software

With Tip (Translation and Interpreting Professionals) you will have a completed software translation in your hands within a short time. In many ways, software translation is the key to success in the software industry. The software needs to be adapted in feel, usability and readability in order to create a valuable experience for the user.

Mobile & Video games

Smartphones and tablets are used much more frequently these days and businesses need to respond to this growing trend. People from all across the globe download iPhone and Android apps every day , but only a small percentage of apps are localized, we can localize your app. The online gaming industry has become a major player in the entertainment market , translating a gaming website and games such as poker, and bingo into foreign languages results in increased revenue.

Marketing, Advertising & Publishing

Tip translators are marketing specialists who are prepared to transform your current marketing materials into culturally accurate and engaging content for your target market. When completing a marketing translation, our experts translate your message, not just your words. Publishing translation services include translations for Magazines, Company blogs, News articles Website content


Appealing to tourists in their native language will attract more visitors to your city, town or region and provide a valuable experience for the visitor. Museum guides and maps in their native language will create a positive experience for the tourist. Firstly, our translators are experts but secondly they are travellers who understand tourists needs.


Our medical translators are highly scrutinized and quality controlled. Pharmaceutical firms, clinical research organizations, producer of surgical and medical devices, health care executives and biotech companies need translation of their most confidential and sensitive documents, with accuracy and reliability. To provide you with the highest quality medical translations we only utilize expert translators who are either doctors or people having deep attachment with this niche, having experience in various particular medical documents and possessing language degrees.

Curriculum Vitae

A CV is one of the most important documents that can often make or break an individual’s career. It summarizes a person’s qualifications, skills, experiences, credentials, and abilities to perform specific tasks, which makes it imperative for it to be translated accurately when looking for international opportunities.

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