Transcription services

Transcription is defined as the process of turning speech into text. But that doesn’t really describe what a transcription can provide for a business. As experts, we know that transcription is much more. It can create a higher attention to detail and get to the heart of what’s being said.

We offer fast and simple transcription services in over 50 languages. Powered by technology but staffed by human beings. 

Whatever you need transcribed – meetings, presentations, customer service recordings – and whatever language it’s in, we have a growing community specialists who can get it into text form for you. All you need to do is send us your audio or video files. We start working, and we deliver the final document.

For marketing purposes it’s sometimes not enough to document only the words of a recording. Pauses, throat clearing, hesitations and other non-verbal utterances can alter the meaning of the words in a meaningful ways. The message may be easily misrepresented if only the words are conveyed. A full transcription can reveal the true intent of the speaker, their motivations, drives, desires or emotional state in a much more thorough manner than a literal word for word translation can provide.

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